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Sworn Officer Authorization Request

Fill out this application, and send (via upload) a copy of your current law enforcement ID. Fearless Blue reserves the right to contact your employer to verify your sworn status.
  • Select the date you registered with Fearless Blue. This decreases the processing time.
  • Deputy, Officer, Trooper, Special Agent, Corrections Officer...
  • Enter name matching the name you used to register on Fearless Blue.
  • Username chosen during registration.
  • Name of Agency You are Sworn-in With.
  • Please include the best number to contact your department for verification of Sworn Officer status. (Note: Fearless Blue reserves the right to call and verify status, however, in most cases this will not be necessary.)
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
    After scanning your current Law Enforcement ID, upload it here for submission.
    Please read the Terms & Agreements page and check the box to agree.