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Fearless FAQ's


What is Fearless Blue?


  • Why was Fearless Blue created?

    • Fearless Blue was created for those with the most dynamic career in the world. Not only can you end up in any situation at anytime, but EVERY situation is unique and will require a different solution. Because of this, it requires a lot of information. Some you use daily, and some you use and lose periodically. To be a great Officer, there is a requirement to engage in constant study, note taking, and learning from experienced others. Fearless blue was created to help with all three of those aspects. Fearless Blue attempts to be a quick reference as well as a study guide. Fearless Blue also involves the thoughts/views/strategies of many other Officers from rural areas to city, and from experienced to rookies that are ahead of their time. Fearless Blue has made every effort to create a revolutionary interactive website, allowing it's members to take private notes on every page, every word, and also create pages to hold additional notes of training YOU feel are important. Of course, the overall benefit is being able to take these notes with you anywhere and everywhere, instead of thinking of what color notebook you used for that training, and under what pile of papers it is contained.
  • Why the name?

    • It takes a special person to do what we do. We are willing to make sacrifices nightly to make others' lives better. Police in all areas of the detail have often been characterized as “blue”. Originally because most police's uniforms were blue in color. This term has taken a vast meaning to include all police and law enforcement regardless of the color of their uniform. Fearless - Although I do not believe anyone in the job is 'fearless' there is a confidence and security that comes with obtaining the knowledge necessary to complete a task in any situation. The less you have to worry about having the “answer” the more you can focus on the totality of the situation at hand.
  • Why does it cost for membership?

    • Although it was my original intention to provide this service to my brothers and sisters in blue free of charge, reality got in the way. I soon realized with the cost of hosting, updating, website technologies, and numerous other charges, it would not be possible to keep the site going without incoming money to off-set the outgoing cost.
    • We have taken a lot of pride in designing and building this website to be worth the cost. Some would call this over-kill, but we made a promise to ourselves we would create a product the would pay hard earned money for to help us on the job. This has been the driving factor that has pushed us to create a large number of the interactivity or the website. Rather than just adding information, and making it rapidly accessible, we have made it possible for you to continually add your own in note to our pages, or create full pages of your own. We also felt it was important to open the lines of communications to discuss aspects of the career with other members to get other opinions or tactics. On this same note, when we have a trusted group, it allows us to enable more useful technology, like the ability for the users to upload files to the server for their personal use. If the site was open to everyone, there is no way we would feel safe about this practice.
  • Benefits/Features


  • Can't I find most the information of Fearless Blue by searching the web?
    • Yup.
  • Should I reference Fearless Blue in Court?
    • Please do not. Although all attempts at accuracy have been taken, there is a chance something could be out of date. Fearless blue is designed to be a helpful location with resources in one place, the information that is hosted on Fearless Blue is to give Officers ideas, it is certainly not “gospel” in the lines of police work. There are always multiple ways to complete an objective.
  • Does Fearless Blue count as training and experience?
    • Fearless Blue is as much training as studying. If you are using the site for it's intended purpose it has a lot of content to help as a quick reference, but even more content to study and become better. Also, using the note features it provides enables you to help yourself in the future based on past experiences. THAT being said, it certainly does not take the place of calling in a trained professional to help. You should always utilize experience of trained experts of their field (Drug recognition experts, attorneys, task force members, ect.). Fearless Blue is designed to give you ideas, and different options you may not have thought of on your own, or remind you of something you already know but do not encounter too often.
  • I found an error on the site?
    • That is not a question. However, I appreciate your help in making this site great, please take a moment to fill out the form and we will get it fixed!
  • I found something I do not think applies to my state's laws.
    • We have attempted to keep all information or options in a certain situation as vague or general as possible. This is because we want every Officer to be able to use Fearless Blue. All of our links to the specific state laws are in hopes those pages keep up to date. Please take other content as ideas, and it is always a good practice to double check something for a definite answer.
    • And when you find the answer, take a moment to use one of the notation methods to add a reminder to yourself. This can be a very useful feature to take our general information and add; your state statute elements, case law, prior experience, additional resources (contact people, links) and limitless other possibilities.
  • Why do you not have any pages on __(insert topic)__?
    • We made a decision to display common information. We are constantly adding new content as training is received or information is provided. However, we will continue to keep the pages basic and applicable to information a first responding officer would need in the field.
  • With all that being said, this is a perfect example of why we have made it possible for you to create a page or note in your personal "Code Hub"! You can create a private page for notes taken in a training, in as much depth as you want. You could also decide to share the information you have on a topic my sharing the page with everyone or with a specific group. You can also submit resources for topics you would like to see on Fearless Blue. 
  • Can I submit content?
    • Please do. We always appreciate posting articles of other's viewpoints on a topic, that is what strengthens us all. You can submit; Your views on a topic, better links to information, pictures, ect. 
    • You will be given credit for information shared. And of course, please make sure it is original if you are wanting us to put it on the site.
  • I find links to the same page in many different locations, is this a mistake?
    • Nope, we call it “strategic redundancy”. We feel it is important for you to find your information. We have created several different routes to reach the information you are looking for. We feel it is much more important to get you the information you need than for you to memorize our navigation.